In Response

Joanne's social activism started at the age of 9 in the 1940s, when she decided that she could help save the world. In this conversation, my grandmother explains how she created a non-profit, educational center and library devoted to peace studies, The Global Issues Resource Center, in Cleveland Ohio, in the 1980s.

Recognizing her own lack of knowledge about the threat of the nuclear arms race, Joanne set out to educate herself. She then became motivated to create a space in which Middle Americans like herself would have access to information and seminars about the political and social state of their country, particularly about the significance and potential destruction of a nuclear war. Joanne had one goal: bring neutral, factual information to Cleveland, and encourage her community to make informed opinions and decisions about the present state and the future of their world.

In Response combines three voices from three different generations. A man’s voice in a public service announcement in 1951 tells children how to survive a nuclear explosion. Joanne’s voice highlights the ways she rebelled against the illiberal state of her country in the 1980s. My voice, Joanne’s granddaughter, systematically lists objects in her home that retain a significant piece of our family’s history.

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